NYT Story Will Make Wingnuts Love Michelle Obama

NYT Story Will Make Wingnuts Love Michelle Obama

Get ready for the softer, whiter side of Michelle Obama! According to somebody at theNew York Times who leaked it to Drudge Report, Barack's fancy corporate wife is getting a "subtle makeover" that will finally make right-wing nuts put aside racism and sexism so they can metaphorically embrace their new first lady, who represents everything they so deeply resent in life: intelligence, wealth, style, liberalism and especially the "being female" and "being black" parts. UPDATE: Oh here it is.

Well, Drudge didn't exactly get that straight. It's a front-pager (we think?) that says Michelle Obama doesn't take any shit from people and she is not one to pretend there are no racial issues in this country, and she is the descendant of slaves (who were all racist), and off she went to super-white Princeton where her white dorm-mate's mom was furious about a black gal being in such close proximity, blah blah, this won't satisfy anyone who is so worried about a black woman getting somewhere in the world, the end.

After Attacks, Michelle Obama Looks for a New Introduction [NYT]


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