OAN Demands Twitter Stop Censoring QAnon Ideas Even They Won't Say On Air

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OAN Demands Twitter Stop Censoring QAnon Ideas Even They Won't Say On Air

"Commentators say millions of people are being purged from a major social media website for posting in support of their own president, law and order, and hopes for an honest and accountable government."

That is how One America News, Donald Trump's favorite news source, described in a recent segment Twitter's purge of 7,000 accounts associated with the QAnon conspiracy theory. The math is not the only thing that's a little off there.

The segment was reported by Kristian Rouz, who previously worked for Sputnik on the side (I am hardly an "OMG RUSSIA" person, but come the fuck on) and who has been known to promote baseless conspiracy theories like "Hillary Clinton is secretly funding Antifa with dark money from her PAC!" Rouz attempted to link the purging of the QAnon accounts to Trump invading "Democrat-run cities," a thing not related to either QAnon or QAnon-related accounts being purged from Twitter.

Rouz "explains," via Media Matters:

This latest attempt to purge Q content comes right after President Trump deployed Homeland Security investigations to Democrat-run cities. America's law enforcement was speculated to have connections to Q. But the latest crime and political terror glorified in millions of Twitter posts stands on the opposing side. The media and Democrats are slamming the president for enforcing the law, and it appears important that the other side is silenced.

While QAnon supporters are eagerly awaiting a declaration of martial law and mass arrests across the country — and some do believe that the pandemic is merely a cover so that Trump can start hauling people off to Gitmo — they don't want to see just any old liberals teargassed and arrested. What they want are mass arrests of Hollywood celebrities and Democratic politicians, who will then be prosecuted in televised military tribunals and forced to confess to the underground sex trafficking of children in the service of their lord and master, Satan, and then publicly executed. Duh.

But Rouz pays no mind to the completely innocuous and patriotic beliefs of the QAnon movement. In fact, he does not mention a single specific thing they believe, outside of loving Donald Trump, being patriotic, and "doing their own research."

And while mainstream media criticize law enforcement like that, they also refer to Q as a "dangerous conspiracy cult" that also happens to support law enforcement. But a growing number of Americans may be doing their own research, as reports also say QAnon is becoming a widely accepted system of beliefs — the new mainstream. Indeed, after years of revelations of high corruption in Washington and lies by Democrat media, QAnon ideas appear immensely popular.

Literally no one except this one guy has ever referred to Q as a "dangerous conspiracy cult that also happens to support law enforcement." We all refer to them as "a dangerous conspiracy cult full of morons who think someone in the Trump administration is sending them all 'clues' so they can follow Donald Trump's secret war against Satanic deep state pedophile sex cults that also eat children and harvest their adrenal glands and/or uncalcified pineal glands in order to get high."

If these ideas are so very mainstream — if, as Rouz also says, even "Twitter admits the growing influence of Q in America's social and political life," why can't he say explicitly what these beliefs are? Why so vague?

In fact, why isn't he out there investigating whatever became of the mole children? Or figuring out if Tom Hanks is actually in prison but pretending to still be at home with his wife and family and appearing on "Saturday Night Live" (again, from prison) for some reason? Why isn't he busting into Wayfair headquarters to rescue all those children from all of those cabinets? DNA testing that one guy they think is JFK Jr.?

Sure, he'll show a bunch of pictures of "patriots" holding signs saying "Ask the Q" (Q says that once a reporter asks Trump about Q, all the "things" will be set in motion), but he's not doing it. Does he not want these simple patriots to "enjoy the show"? He needs to get on this shit, or else he's just an opportunist and propagandist.

[Media Matters]

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