OAN Sh*thead Just Asking If MAAAAAAYBE Ukraine Bombing Own Hospitals

Yay, another rightwing conspiracy theory about Ukraine that's obviously coming directly from the Kremlin. American rightwingers obviously can't just be on the side of the nation that was invaded for no reason, which is currently having its children blown up by an evil enemy power. They have to support the murderers. You know why? We don't fucking know why. There's something wrong with them.

So, did Ukraine blow up its own children's hospital/maternity ward in Mariupol to false flag Russia and make it look bad? You know, because apparently Russia doesn't look bad enough on its own, what with how it's raining hell from the sky on a sovereign nation that didn't do anything to it but refuse to take orders from Russia.

That's what some piece of shit on One America News thinks maybe happened.

DAN BALL (HOST): We all know, you know as a vet, I know as a vet, our country’s guilty of it, other countries do it all the time. During war, there’s propaganda. We’ve already seen a lot of propaganda coming from Ukraine. The 13 soldiers on Snake Island didn’t die in a gun battle, they were taken prisoner. The supermodel, Ukrainian supermodel isn’t fighting the war, that was a modeling picture with an airsoft gun. There’s tons of stories that are false.

Yes, Ukraine is winning the propaganda war, at least in the free world. That's just a fact. Hell, Ukraine's president is a good example of that.

That Vice interview of Volodymyr Zelenskyy sitting all hot and sexy on those dimly lit stairs? The pics and videos of him standing with his posse on the streets of Kyiv at night telling his people he's not fuckin' leaving? Telling America he doesn't need a ride, he needs ammunition? That's all propaganda, in the purest sense of the word. And it's good. It's getting your message out there, and people saying FUCK YEAH.

Maybe this is what happens if you elect a media mogul and show business guy who isn't a completely incompetent buffoon. Zelenskyy's a badass. He's smart. He's sincere and he's real, but he also knows how to set up a camera shot and then eyefuck it.

That's one kind of propaganda.

Then there's this kind:

BALL: Today we learn that a hospital was hit. Children were killed, dozens were injured, right? In Mariupol, in Ukraine. Russia immediately says, we didn’t hit that hospital. They’re saying Russia did. We know there’s special operatives and, if you will, undercover forces within the Ukrainian military that do Zelensky’s bidding. I’m not saying somebody staged this to make things look worse, but they haven’t denied other — hitting other stuff. They immediately denied hitting this hospital. And we know there’s been false stories out in the media already about this war.

Yeah so go fuck yourself. This is just straight up Kremlin propaganda, just like all the lies circulating about Ukrainian bio-research facilities are straight up Kremlin propaganda. Everybody who knows anything about Putin's Russia knows they are the kings of creating false flag ops to manipulate people. Pointing at Ukraine and saying "no THEY'RE the real false flaggers" is itself a false flag op Jesus Christ you idiots.

But listen, don't take it from us. Take it from this thread full of Russia's ever-changing bullshit about whether they did the bombing, or it was a legitimate target, or it was fine because it was full of Azov (actual far-Right Nazis who do exist in Ukraine), or maybe they didn't do it after all. This article in the Wall Street Journal has some more bullshit if you want more bullshit.

Who can say for sure! Nobody. And that is the point of Russian propaganda. They don't necessarily want to convert you to their way of thinking. They want to throw so much bullshit out there that average people say "Who knows? There's propaganda on both sides!" and go about their days without worrying too much about who is bombing what children's hospitals where.

Of course, an informed consumer of news could always read this Isaac Chotiner interview with Anand Gopal in the New Yorker, which discusses how intentionally bombing hospitals is Putin's entire m.o. in war, as he demonstrated in Syria. Gopal is an expert who knows pretty much everything about the war in Syria, and what Putin did there.

[T]he Russian massacres were numerous. They were using cluster munitions. [...] Just to give an example of the type of brutality that the Russians brought to Syria, the United Nations shared a list of hospitals and clinics in Idlib Province with the Syrian government and the Russians basically in the hopes of getting the Russians to avoid accidentally hitting these places. And, instead, the Russians used this list to target these hospitals.

So it was part of the Russian strategy — to attack hospitals. And that was, I think, partly to break the morale of not just the rebel movement but the population. [...] [I]t got to a point where people in Idlib had to put their clinics literally underground. I saw hospitals that were underground because the Russians would target anything that looked like a humanitarian center or a hospital.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy called Russia's strike a "war crime" and "proof that the genocide of Ukrainians is taking place." The US and NATO have condemned it.

But sure, OAN shitwad, tell us more about your very curious questions.

As JoeMyGod notes, this is the same limp dildo who begged his viewers to send him dirt on the CEO of AT&T after DirecTV dropped OAN.

So that's what this particular conspiracy theory is about. It's catching on in the more rancid parts of the rightwing internet. It's only gonna get worse from here, kids.

[Media Matters / New Yorker]

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