At least Peter Beinart still liked him, several years agoBecause it is a day ending in "y," somebody is ripping on poor old Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton's beleaguered numbers swami who gets ridiculed every time he opens his mouth. But this time the critic isn't one of his coworkers! Refreshing remarks, after the jump.

Yesterday Penn said that Barack Obama would never win the general election, if the general election were held exclusively in Pennsylvania. Well, that sort of hateful hate speech can't stand in Modern America! We aren't cretins like that! So outraged Obama spokesperson Tommy Vietor emailed reporters the following:

It can't inspire too much confidence in the Clinton campaign when their pollster ignores both polls and math by making comments as divorced from reality as this one. Senator Obama is leading in delegates, states won, the popular vote, and fares better than Senator Clinton against John McCain in poll after poll, including critical swing states like Iowa, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Wisconsin.

Of course, the Clinton campaign actually expects their pollster to ignore polls. And math. And anything else that isn't wrapped in bacon.

Obama aide: Penn comment 'divorced from reality' [Ben Smith]


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