One nation, under blowEven though Presidential candidate Barack "Barry Hussein" Obama maybe didn't do as many drugs in high school and college as he said he did--leading many, of course, to wonder if he's really the truth-teller America needs in the White House right now--he is still on record as being a fan of the cocaine. And you know who else is? His new friend Lincoln Chafee, the most lovable Fraggle ever elected to the Senate!

Wonkette operative Ben found long-buried top-secret information about Chafee's own coke-snortin' days. Way back in 1999, in his first and only Senate run, he made the shocking admission that he tried cocaine ... when he was in college ... in the 70s, a time when pretty much nobody except indigent prostitutes and South American criminals were doing that stuff.

"I think it's important to put it into perspective - I tried it," Chafee, 46, told WJAR-TV in an interview. "It's not something I'm proud of."

The real question is, did Chafee ever try to give drugs to anyone? Did he sell them to anyone?

Senate Hopeful Used Cocaine [ABC News]


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