Obama Appeases Heckler As If Heckler Were Iranian Mullah Or Something


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See that video, up there yonder? That is Prezzy B. Barry Bamz talking about immigration reform or something, who even knows, everyone hates him so much now because of "second term I hate you" disease we can barely even stand the sight of him. HOW DARE YOU STILL BE PRESIDENT NOBAMA WE ARE BOOOOORED BOOOOOORED AND ALSO UR A LOOSER. But the twitters started saying a heckler had heckled old Bamzy up there, and we like hecklers, because we have bad manners, so we decided to watch it. Eighteen hundred hours and 42 minutes later, the heckler sewed his scrotum on and heckled our Smooth B from RIGHT UP THERE ON THE DAIS! That is ballsy, heckler! Who even let that heckler up there? Did he sneak his way in by promising he'd pretend to "faint"? Somebody fire the White House Social Secretary! Again!

Then Bamz was like, "I'm Perfesser Chill, and ima be super cool about how you just heckled me because I am basically Shaft, if Shaft was a perfesser instead of a private dick or whatever, I dunno I have never seen Shaft because of how I am a spring chicken of just 40 years, but that is what the Wik, it tells me?" Like that.

So there you go. A heckler heckled our president, and he did not have him murdered or even escorted out, because he is a cool dude.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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