Obama Bigger Than Jesus

Barack Obama is now officially bigger than Jesus,according to a new Harris poll -- that's right, a new study proves it! The survey, conducted last month in the United States, asked Americans to name their heroes. President Obama was the clear leader, easily beating the long-dead "Jesus" of christian mythology. Yes we can!

Another dead hero from history, Dr. Martin Luther King, took the bronze. An African-Hawaiian, a Palestinian Jew and a Baptist are now officially the nation's "holy trinity" of heroes. America, what a country!

Honorable mentions went to -- get this! -- Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The bottom five are Abe Lincoln, John McCain, John F. Kennedy, Chesley Sullenberger and Mother Teresa.

So basically, anybody mentioned in the news in the last couple of months, they are a Hero, alongside the usual suspects of JFK and Mother Teresa. Christopher Hitchens is not going to be very happy about that last choice.

"God was 11th, the poll said."

Hitchens will belivid.

Obama tops Jesus in heroes poll [MarketWatch]


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