Obama Campaign Censors Painting of America's Sweetheart

Barry Hussein: Anti-Spears, anti-life - WonketteBarry Obama's Richmond campaign stop has already landed him in hot water for his hilarious joke about how everyone in Kansas was killed by the tornado. Apparently he also hates art and our fundamental constitutional right to see the vaginas of celebrities whenever we want.

The newspaper reported that at the request of the presidential candidate's campaign, the gallery covered up an oil reproduction of an infamous paparazzi photo showing pop star Britney Spears getting out of a car sans underwear. The painting has a $5,000 price tag.

The campaign also demanded the gallery take down a hilarious painting of a woman in a "Kill Lincoln" shirt. Because the campaign also hates beloved '80s teen comedies. What else don't we know about Barry Hussein?

Obama vs. Britney [WT]


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