Obama Can't Finish Awful Tom Friedman Book, Either


You should be made to wear earphones.In the most shameful "gaffe" since Watergate, socialist prime minister Barack Obama's press office has apparently put some crappy best-seller book on his vacation reading list even though he was supposedly reading the book last year. God, this guy. Why not just put him in jail now?

Obama’s spokesman told reporters Monday from Martha’s Vineyard that No. 2 on the president’s list was Tom Friedman’s environmental bestseller Hot, Flat, and Crowded. The only problem? Obama was reading the same book, talking about it, even quoting from it a year ago on the campaign trail.


Thank you, The Daily Beast, for ripping the lid off this Crime of the Century.

Tragically for many literate Americans, Obama isn't the only person who can't get through Friedman's latest conventional-wisdom assault on the English language. For some reason -- HONESTLY, CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THIS? -- Friedman's dumb books full of "I went golfing somewhere in India, reminding me of the Asian pizza I ate at the airport in Dubai" globalization-fellating idiocy are Required Reading in certain middlebrow circles. It's the kind of thing your boss might give you, along with a weird look suggesting you should read the tripe before the next middle-manager conference down at the Best Western.

Anyway, once "going green" became so safely uncontroversial that motherfucking Garfield was eating solar-powered lasagna, it was time for Tom Friedman to incoherently rebuke everything he ever wrote before -- about Earth and how for some insane reason he thinks saying it's "flat" is some deep enigmatic statement of the times rather than, really, just an idiot trying to make up a catch phrase. So, once the carbon-farting global golfer hitched his tortured prose to the Green bandwagon, everybody in every management situation had to act like they read this awful book.

But they didn't. Nobody read the whole thing. Of course it's still on Barack Obama's fake reading list. And there it will stay, year after year, just like back in the 1990s when Dan Quayle comically claimed that he tried (and failed) to read Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince each summer, because that seemed -- to Dan Quayle, anyway -- like the kind of thing a politician maybe should've know about, 20 years ago.


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