Remember how much everybody hated Al Gore for not winning his home state of Tennessee back in 2000? How awesome would it be if John McCain lost his "home" state of Arizona? It's not impossible! First of all, McCain's biggest enemies arepeople who know him, and the Arizona political establishment knows him well. There is little enthusiasm for McCain back "home" because he's always been seen as a carpetbagging opportunist who wound up in Phoenix because it had some things he wanted at the time: a new, very wealthy wife, and an easy Republican House seat he could win.

Once McCain got his congressional seat, he went back to Washington and has rarely returned to Arizona in the three decades he's been an elitist congressman and senator. He's no Barry Goldwater!

Arizona has a lot of the kinds of new voters who hate Republicans and especially hate McCain: young people and Latinos. Too bad McCain gave all those illegals the shamnesty, ha ha, because now they're all going to vote for the colored!

The last state poll showed McCain with a 7-point lead in Arizona; that was three weeks ago, on September 30, and was down from a 10-percent lead in August. That's not a favorite son we can believe in.

Nobody really wasted much time/money on polling in Arizona because come on, of course McCain would win his state, right? But now the race is getting tighter and a new poll will finally be done and the projection is that McCain will only be ahead a couple of points, within the margin of error.

Arizona has 10 electoral votes -- twice as many as bordering battleground state Nevada.

Could Barack Obama defeat McCain in Arizona? [ABC 15]

Thanks, Brandon Clare, for the tip!


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