Obama Cultists Construct 'Cake Shrine'

"We don't have polling places in Oregon," writes Wonkette operative Katie A., "So here's our election day celebration cake." Look at this cake, people. It was made by Katie and Chris H., in Oregon, where they are too poor to have polling places, so everyone mails in their ballots. And yet, even with such hard times, they've made this beautiful Obama sex cake. And now let's see your polling pictures.

Wonkette operative and North Carolina resident "Courtney P." sends us this picture of a standard beat-up southern pickup truck, with an Obama sticker! A self-aware Obama sticker, in fact! "What to make of this? Is it a good omen for Barry? Or a harbinger of doom? I'm from here and I can't make heads or tails of this."

Voting line in NE Washington. Pic by Cat Parsons

Temple Beth Amat in Beverly Hills, at 6:30 this morning! Pic by Max Power.

And here, via "Dave G.," we see some terrifying dead or alive tiger trying to eat people at a D.C. voting place, which we are pretty sure counts as Vote Suppression, especially if the voter is eaten before casting a vote.

More later, dudez! Thanks for sending all your stories and photos.


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