Obama Lies About His Foreign Language Skillz

That Barack Obama is a such a compulsive prevaricator that he cannot admit he speaks an exotic foreign tongue until he's hanging out with a bunch of reporters. Remember how he very unpatriotically admitted feeling "embarrassed" that he doesn't speak a foreign language? Well that was just a bunch oflies because he does speak some language, one that many people have not even heard of. Is it Klingon?

No, it is something called "Bahasi Indonesian"! On his plane from Tel Aviv to Berlin, Obama was hanging out in steerage with all the reporters and he let this slip:

"My German is not real good ...I can speak Bahasi Indonesian but I don't think...there would be a lot of appeal to that."

Of course, when he says he can "speak" this language he probably means he can say things like "please" and "where's the toilet" and "I would like two tickets to the madrassa," but whatever. When will Barack Obama admit that he would prefer to deliver his Berlin address in Indonesian?

Obama: “I don't speak a foreign language. It's embarrassing!" [CBS News]

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