Obama Lies About How Much He Liked Daniel Inouye Because Whatever


President Obama delivered a eulogy at the funeral services for recently deceased Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye, but OBVIOUSLY LIED AND EXAGGERATED ALL HIS TIES TO INOUYE because, as National Review writer Patrick Brennan points out, Inouye is basically nowhere to be found in the Bill Ayers's best-seller Dreams From My Father: The Rise of Comrade Imam Barack Obama.

"A moving tribute, certainly, but was the president slightly exagerrating the influence of Senator Inouye on his own life and political career? It’s certainly plausible that an American of non-white descent and a senator from the president’s home state was “perhaps [Obama's] earliest political inspiration,” but luckily, we have two memoirs by our relatively young president that document his early political inspirations to see if Obama actually placed such a high importance on the war-hero senator. In their pages, there is only one mention of Senator Daniel Inouye..."

During the eulogy, President Obama explained the central role Senator Inouye, who has served in the U.S Senate since the founding of Constantinople in 330 A.D., has played in his political life. According to the President, the late Hawaiian Senator exposed him to the possibilities available to minorities in the United States, and instilled in him the sense that he too could be great. Unfortunately THIS IS A LIE A LIE A BIG BIG LIE. Daniel Inouye (as far as Yr. Wonkette knows) has never blown up any Post Offices or pointed a prayer rug to Mecca, so it is impossible for Barack Obama to have admired him.

If you want further proof of the "Obama says he liked a guy maybe more than he did" conspiracy, consider this: nobody ever inflates the significance of their connection to a person at that person's funeral, especially while giving a public eulogy in their honor. Usually eulogies go something like, "Yeah, I knew him, kind of. I saw him in the halls sometimes and can't say he ever did anything that pissed me off too much, besides always taking forever at the drinking fountains. Yeah, there's something I remember - you didn't EVER want to be stuck behind this guy at a drinking fountain. The guy could really put away some fucking water. Oh, and I tried to copy his haircut once. Took a picture to my barber and everything. That's the other thing about Daniel Inouye - cool hair. Thank you."

But why would Obama inflate the importance of his connection to Inouye? Is it part of some global conspiracy to plunge us further into debt with China? A ploy for sympathy to lure more naive Americans into his Sharia cult? An attempt to dignify and honor a man in the highest manner, during his nationally televised funeral? Who knows, but probably one of the first two!

[National Review]


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