Obama May Possibly Somehow Perhaps Testify In Rezko Trial!

The "corruption trial" for everyone's favorite Chicago real estate developer, Tony "Slum Landlord" Rezko, began jury selection this morning. The verdict has somehow already been released, and Barack Obama is guilty of knowing him! Wait, what? No, the trial will go on forever -- Patrick Fitzgerald is the prosecutor, and that guy takes his time. But according to "Chicago lawyers," Barack Obama could very well have to testify, as a defense witness.

These insidery "Chicago lawyers" are actually just some guy named Zach:

"I think it's realistic that that could happen during the trial," said Zach Fardon, a former Chicago federal prosecutor who was part of the team that convicted former Illinois Gov. George Ryan on corruption charges ... Former prosecutor Fardon, now with the Chicago office of Latham & Watkins, says Rezko's defense lawyer could use Obama "to show that Mr. Rezko is somebody active in politics and political fundraising and there's nothing unto itself nefarious about that fact."

No, Chicago Lawyer Fardon, there is everything unto itself nefarious about that fact. If Barack Obama testifies, he will be effectively married to this Rezko chump in the media. Then again, we are talking about Barack Obama, so the country will probably blame his testimony on Hillary Clinton and her agents of smear. Hillary Clinton and Tony Rezko and the Corporates are trying to do bad things to Rainbow Barry! Why hasn't everyone released their tax returns and denounced them?

Obama: Witness for the Defense? [ABC News]


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