Obama Must Hold Another Hip-Hop Barbecue After Mispronouncing Rap-Man's Name

Obama Must Hold Another Hip-Hop Barbecue After Mispronouncing Rap-Man's Name

Barack Obama, the president of black America (AND BLACK AMERICA ONLY) did an interview with a New Mexico radio station today, which was probably a secret message to Mexican drug cartels because of the radio waves. In the over six-minute interview, President Obama and the hosts of the show explore the full range of banal topics, from New Mexico food to good soul food spots in Chicago (because, yeah) to Obama's wish to own all the Rosetta Stone tapes, to a question about the kind of music Barack Obama listens to.

And that is where this whole awful thing went off the rails.

However, when asked about his favorite pop music, Obama responded, “Jay-Z, Beyonce, you know, Nas.” Despite correctly pronouncing Jay-Z and Beyonce, Obama completely mispronounced Nas. The correct pronunciation for Nas is na:z, not n:ass.

Nas has been an ardent supporter of the president, even recording the songBlack President,” which sampled from Obama’s Iowa caucus victory speech.

We took the recording of this interview to the Wonkette Audio-Visual Laboratory, also known as Turning Up The Volume On YouTube To Max, and it definitely sounds like the President is saying "Nahz" like "Chaz" instead of "Na:z" like "Pa:k the Ca: in Ha:va:d Ya:d".

Nas' new album is titled Life Is Good. We assume his next album will be named Until The Goddamn President Slightly Mispronounced My Name In A New Mexico Radio Interview And Then I Ate All The Ice Cream In My Fridge.

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