Obama No Longer Good At Talking, Should Probably Resign

The reviews are in for the president's big Oval Office speech last night, and the consensus is "Meh, this is stupid, why did I watch this stupid thing, this is stupid." If the pundit class is bored of his speeches, can Obama really continue to be president? Probably not.

John Dickerson looked at the fanfic version of the speech he wrote before Obama started and noted that the president failed to sprinkle magic dust on the dead animals of the ocean and order them to swim back to the Gulf and use good old-fashioned teamwork to plug the leak and beat up BP workers. Instead of taking charge, Obama just sort of updated us on the situation. BORING, NEXT PRESIDENT PLEASE.

Over on MSNBC, everyone was like "Eww, gross, WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP?" Howard Fineman said, "He wasn't specific enough." Keith Olbermann said, "It was a great speech if you were on another planet for the last 57 days." Har har har. Chris Matthews whined, "I don't sense executive command and I was constantly looking at the screen and thinking this is a black man. This man is black."

Some guy at Powerline bragged about reading the speech at an airport, so he "might have misjudged its impact," but it seemed to him that it was "UNINSPIRING at best." He also titled his post "OBAMA'S LONG NOSE," so he maybe has never seen Obama and thinks he's Jewish or something, RACISTLY. James Fallows at The Atlanticbragged about having to see the speech on tape delay because he's in China, but his "untutored reaction from the other side of the world is: Sigh."

So RIP, Obama's speech-making skillz, 2004-2010. It was fun while it lasted but now is so le sigh. Talking ability was the only thing that made you interesting so now WE'RE SICK OF THIS, NEW PRESIDENT TIME.

Thankfully the last person still covering the 2008 election, Dana Milbank, has a solution: Hillary Clinton is now polling ahead of Obama. Yay, we have a new president! Inaugurate that lady BUT DON'T LET STUPID OBAMA TALK AT THE CEREMONY.


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