Obama Now Less Popular Than Adult-Onset Diabetes, Basically


Let's see, things that are currentlystill more fun than having a favorable opinion of President Barack Obama: "mowing your lawn with a pair of dull scissors, using a cell phone with a cracked screen but that kind of still works, being allergic to sunshine, jogging." 4 REALZ, PPL: Obama is down to 39% in the latest Gallup poll, which is "the lowest presidential approval rating that anyone has ever had, ever, or at least that's how it feels, okay?" SO QUICK ...what should an unpopular politician do to raise ca$$$h when "being good at your job" fails to do the trick? Duh, learn from the master: Obama kicked off a Midwestern bus tour today, just so he can follow Sarah Palin around to see How It Is Done.

Oh look, he has already learned one of  Sarah Palin's tricks. Blame everybody else for everything wrong all the time, 24/7, "as though your job depends upon it."

From The Hill:

Obama is expected to use the three-day trip to highlight his own criticism of Congress and Washington as he increasingly looks to run against Washington in 2012 despite four years on the job in the Oval Office.

White House officials suggest the president is eager to spend more time outside of Washington as he looks to shake the debt-ceiling hangover.

"During the debt-ceiling debate we were trapped here, it felt like, for many, many weeks," White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer said Friday. "He got his first trip out of Washington [last week] to Michigan, and he's looking forward to traveling back home to Illinois, to Minnesota, and also, of course, to Iowa, which is a place that always has had a special connection with this president and this White House."

See, Obama hates being nailed down at his job as much as everyone else in America. No wonder Sarah Palin just holds family vacations for money these days. [The Hill/Gallup]


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