Obama: OF COURSE Dictators Want Trump To Win, He's Their Very Own Remote-Controlled Idiot!

Hooray, time for your daily Barack Obama Clowns On Trump And Kicks Him In Dick video!

This actually came from the rally Obama did yesterday in Orlando, where he made fun of Trump for being jealous of coronavirus's TV ratings and also made fun of Trump for running away crying into his bunker from Lesley Stahl and his "60 Minutes" interview.

Turns out Obama went at Trump over his fears of Lesley Stahl from a whole DIFFERENT direction during his speech in Orlando. Why didn't we see this part and tell you it yesterday? It was all part of our master plan to give you a new Obama video every day, by being really busy and missing things entirely!

The theme of this section was Obama saying that if Trump has to fall down the stairs into the bunker when Lesley Stahl scares him, he FOR SURE is going to roll over for dictators who flatter him. And because Trump has been president for almost four years, we know that's exactly what Trump does with dictators. He fawns all over them. He is jealous of their power. He thinks they are big men, and that they are REAL leaders, because they have total control, and that's what he wants to be. He wants to be a REAL BIG GUY LEADER.

Here's Bamz:

OBAMA: Our current president, he whines that '60 Minutes' is too tough. You think he's going to stand up to dictators? He thinks Lesley Stahl's a bully. Just yesterday, he said that Putin of Russia, Xi of China, and Kim Jong Un of North Korea want him to win. We know! We know because you've been giving them whatever they want for the last four years! Of course they want you to win! That's not a good thing. You shouldn't brag about the fact that some of our greatest adversaries think they'd be better off with you in office. Of course they do. What does that say about you? Think about that. Why are you bragging about that? C'mon. That doesn't make any sense.

You really have to watch the video to see Obama's facial expressions and realize just how hard he is mocking Trump.

As Obama explained, Trump had just the day before bragged about how all the world's tyrants want him elected, because they "don't want to deal with Sleepy Joe." Here is that:

TRUMP: The only thing I can tell you for sure President Xi from China, President Putin from Russia, Kim Jong-un [from] North Korea, and I could name 40 others -- they're sharp as a tack, they don't want to deal with Sleepy Joe.

Oh no, the president of the United States has yet again gotten all the world's tyrants all sticky, with his jizz. He further recounted an imaginary private comment from a "world leader" who told him they really want Trump to win because they don't want to deal with somebody who "sleeps all the time." Suuuuuuure, Donald.

Indeed, most of the world's tyrants would love for Trump to be re-elected, because they get away with whatever they want when Trump is in the room, or when they send him love letters, or massage his stupid ego by telling him that "No, Donald, you did not win election because Vladimir run operation to suppress vote in Rust Belt states. You win election because you are so very smart and have completely normal American penis!" We have no doubt that Putin and Kim would love another four years with America as a laughingstock on the world stage.

Of course, Trump is mean to 'GIIIIIIINA these days, but we are also pretty sure China has some real goods on him, based on recent reporting about his secret bank account and his massive debts to the bank of China and whatnot. Remember there was that one kind of overlooked thing in the Steele Dossier about how the Trump team in 2016 was actually kind of glad for the focus on Russia, because it distracted from reporting on where Trump was really financially compromised by China? Nobody ever really looked into that one. They should look into it.

Anyway, as William Evanina, director of the National Counterterrorism and Security Center, stated in his assessment of election threats, China actually does not want Trump to win, but rather prefers Joe Biden. Of course, that assessment, in weasel words, also said China is not actively meddling in the election to make that happen for Biden like Russia is for Trump. Regardless, if Evanina's assessment is correct, China is probably tired of the dumbstupidest president who ever did live setting fire to America's corn and soybean farmers and declaring himself the victor in a massively destructive trade war.

The point is this post is that Barack Obama is right, Trump is an easily manipulated moron, and we really like Obama's new job, which is dickslapping Trump in the face while laughing and pointing. They should probably go ahead and give him another Nobel Peace Prize, just to piss Trump off.

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