Obama Offended Europeans Of All People, By Refusing To Go To Their Stupid Europe


Barack Obama is snubbing the European continent of Europe by declining to attend a US-EU summit in Europe's Madrid. The Spanish Prime Minister spent all last night telling Obama how much he hated him, likely in Spanish: "The Spanish prime minister, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero [...] was described as angry and embarrassed, and European officials said there was a set of high-level diplomatic exchanges overnight." Obama did not respond to any of Zapatero's probable upside-down exclamation mark-laden text messages, because he's like, I never said I was doing a semester abroad. Drama!


"The White House explained the decision as a matter of scheduling, insisting that the May visit to Europe was never on the president’s agenda, so could not be said to have been canceled.

But European officials said that two senior American officials, Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs William J. Burns and Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Philip H. Gordon, had attended a preparatory meeting for the summit two weeks ago in Madrid, and that there was no hint then that Mr. Obama would decide not to attend."

Maybe Obama was planning on going, but the informational meeting didn't make the summit sound as fun as Obama thought it was going to be? Didn't anyone ever think of that?

Well, Europe maybe. It's possible Europe thought of that.

[New York Times]


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