Barack Obama raised $150,000,000 (pronounced "eleventy billion dollars") in September from ACORN, William Ayers, radical leftists with an extreme pro-abortion agenda, and a smattering of overseas hooligans. In fact, over 3.1 million radical leftist traitors have now contributed to Obama's campaign! Now that the Democratic candidate is flush with cash he can advertise whenever he wants to, buy a few extra planes, and cast the withered husk of John McCain's lifelong dreams in bronze.

Of course, if Barack Obama really put country above self he would donate his millions to bailing out one of the neediest financial entities in America: the McCain campaign. Except that the McCain campaign, having already "redistributed" over 80 million of American's hard-earned dollars into their general election coffers, are poster children for WELFARE and GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS and SOCIALISM, bah. What is John McCain doing palling around with crooks like the US Treasury?

Obama Recasts the Fund-Raising Landscape [New York Times]


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