Obama Responsible For Rich Douches Dressing Even Douchier

What hath Barry wrought - WonketteBarry Hussein Obama's habit of dressing like a GQ spread has inspired not just Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad -- no, other douchebags across the country have decided that ditching ties and leaving shirts oh-so-playfully unbuttoned will make them look young and stylish instead of like aging loud Miller Lite-guzzling Biz-Cas rich assholes crowding shitty bars at Friday happy hours.

Forgetting that the one saving grace of many wealthy people without any other redeeming qualities is that they often dress quite well, various old white people are now showing up to places like 21 without ties and then saying things like this:

Mr. Levin, who has been doing a variation of the no-tie look for years -- notably, during the press conference to announce the AOL Time Warner merger in 2001 -- says his sartorial style has been approved by his wife, Laurie Perlman, "who believes that tieless, I am integrated and authentic."

This does not bode well for Obama. After James Polk invented the mullet, the last fashion-forward President we've had was JFK, and look what happened to him.

Pulling Off the Obama Look [WSJ]


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