Obama Said 'Religious Freedom,' Wingnuts Obviously Totally Okay With That

Oh, man, did you hear the terrible things that Barack Hussein Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day? They were so offensive. No, he didn't talk about 'bortion, or about slut pills, or about how hard it is for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven, or even about his secret devotion to Islam. WAY worse, according to Florida Congressdouche Steve Southerland. Barry Bamz said -- and we hope you are sitting down -- that he believes in religious freedom, arguing that preserving people's religious liberty is essential to freedom in general, and praising Pope Francis's "missionary impulse to serve the cause of social justice.” He even called for the release of imprisoned religious figures in China, Iran, and North Korea.

The whole nauseating display made Southerland sick, you see, because, as he told Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on a dumb FRC radio show, Obama doesn't actually believe in religious freedom at all, and so his speech was a huge insult to people who really do. People like Steve Southerland, for instance.

Southerland hadn't actually heard the speech, of course, but Perkins played a clip of it on his show, which was enough to drive Southerland into a rage of Christian Love:

"I am stunned by the hypocrisy of what I'm hearing... Based on the actions of this administration and the actions of this man, to insult those who really believe those words, we just don't believe the messenger of those words."

You see, it's not so much that he thinks Barry is a secret Muslim or anything, but that he personally has aborted all the babies ever, so he cannot actually believe in Christianity or religious freedom. Only the right kind of religious beliefs should be free, after all. He was aghast that Obama would stoop to such offensive tactics as to talk about human dignity and rights:

"To trivialize our deeply held beliefs by making statements that are so contrary to his actions and those of his administration is the ultimate disrespect"

After all, what business does Obama have talking about "the dignity that can't be taken away" when Obama supports "rob[bing]children of life?" -- apparently on Southerland's alternate Earth, all Christians with the exception of Barack Obama are in agreement on abortion.

How dare this Obama talk about "Freedom"? It is a worship word, and he must not speak it.


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