Obama Simply Does Not Care For The More Popular Plans Re: Afghanistan


  • Obama will send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, which is a popular idea with absolutely no one besides Barack Obama. [New York Times]
  • Full "first state dinner coverage" at the Washington Post! The piece contains no fewer than two (2) Sorkin references and descriptions of at least ten (10) fancy-sounding things. [Washington Post]
  • The Ft. Hood military base will have tighter security and better mental health treatment programs. All of this seems logical. [CNN]
  • People are actually buying homes again, some of which they may even be able to afford. [AP]
  • Airlines will now be fined for stranding passengers. Airlines, you'll recall, have neither the infrastructure to run smoothly, nor the money to pay the fine. [WSJ]
  • New documents reveal that Tony Blair for sure knew that there were no WMDs in Iraq.  [Times Online]

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