Obama Supporter Who Calls Black Children 'Monkeys' Will Not Step Down!

Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, an Illinois delegate to the Democratic National Convention for Barack Obama, recently got a $75 disorderly conduct ticket from local police "for calling some African-African neighborhood children 'monkeys' as they were climbing a tree." It is clear that she must be one of those secret delegates for Clinton who will switch her vote on the third nominating ballot!

And while the Obama campaign said on Monday that she would resign from her role, the mayor of her town (Carpentersville!) said Ramirez-Silwinski TOLD HIM that she would not step down. Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, says that she has loved monkeys for 35 years.

Monkey Comment: Obama Delegate Not Quitting, Mayor Warns Of Backlash [WBBM]


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