Obama Targets 17-year-old Girls in Iowa

obama17.jpgPerhaps not satisfied with wife Michelle anymore, Barack Obama has been wooing and cooing 17-year-olds in Iowa with his "BarackStar" machismo, according to a Wall Street Journalfeature this morning. Iowa's election laws permit those who will turn 18 by November's elections to vote in the state's caucuses. Obama, being sexy and somewhat black, thinks he's got the corn-fed minors wrapped around his finger. He's like those guys from college who say, "You know, the age of consent is actually 16 in [certain state]" whenever there's a pre-frosh weekend.

At least some of the Iowan belles have been reciprocating the senator's love. Take 17-year-old Lyse Perrigo of Des Moines, who attended an Obama rally at the same location where she had seen Papa Roach and Saliva (bands, apparently) perform months earlier. On the "hot September afternoon" of the rally, the WSJ brilliantly writes, "Ms. Perrigo had another kind of rock star in her sights: Illinois Democratic Sen. Barack Obama."

Fortunately for Obama, Zac Efron will not be on the caucus ballot.

Too Young to Vote, But Old Enough to Caucus in Iowa [WSJ]


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