Obama To Die Of Stroke If President

No one likes a good nic-fix as much as Barack Obama, who quit smoking in order to run for president but "fell off the wagon" a few times every day since. Now since everyone's talking about how John McCain, 71, is likely to die of Old Cancer when he becomes president, why aren't they mentioning that Obama will die of Smoke when he is president?

The Huffington Post's Jeff Stier, who knows about Health, has written an article detailing exactly how smoking will kill Obama like four days into his liberal presidency. And it's not lung cancer -- it's stroke cancer:

How long and how much one smokes makes a difference. A 1998 study in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the amount of fatty deposits in the carotid artery depended on total pack-years of tobacco exposure, not whether the patient currently smokes. And a smoker's excess risk of a stroke doesn't return to that of nonsmokers until at least five, or as long as twenty years after quitting. Sen. Obama would have to serve a hypothetical four smoke-free terms before his stroke risk returned to normal.

See? If Obama wants to be president, he should spend the next 16 years proving that he will not die and then he can be president. McCain can be president now and prove that he is ready to die for his country on Day One.

Obama's Health [Huffington Post]


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