Obama To Offer Sop To Gays Today

Obama To Offer Sop To Gays Today

Every Democratic candidate for president likes to say they'll be a champion of the gay community and will offer them free dental dams on Fridays plus a full repeal of the dumb "don't ask, don't tell" policy plus mandatory gay marriage and so on. And President Obama has so far sucked in that regard, because he has been so distracted with the economy and healthcare and "other things," such as North Korea and Iraq.

But today he'll sign a presidential memorandum extending benefits to the gay partners of federal employees. These benefits will not include broad health insurance coverage, though, which is the thing most people think about when they think about "employment benefits." Maybe they will get discounts when they visit national parks or something?

U.S. to Extend Its Job Benefits to Gay Partners [New York Times]


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