Senator Purselips politely declinesBarack Obama alienated the entire town of Butte, Montana when he refused a shoe-shine from a local hero there. The craven elitist was on some sort of campaign stop at the M&M Bar and Cafe when Stevie Faulkner, who is as close to a celebrity as there is in Butte, said, "Can I give you a shine?" Obama said no, of course, because he is an abstemious prick.

This follows a number of news stories suggesting that Barack Obama thinks he's too good for America. He doesn't care for exotic foods such as cheese fries, and in a 2005 visit to Russia, he "priggishly requested that his vodka shot glass be filled with water." And both he and his wife "ooze a sense of entitlement."

Now that he crapped all over Butte's Shoeshine Hero, Barack Obama has magically transformed from our generation's JFK to our generation's Adlai Stevenson.

Obama politely says no to Butte tradition [Billings Gazette]


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