Obama Will Only Ruin the Coasts of Red States

Obama Will Only Ruin the Coasts of Red States

So is there any correlation between today's presidential announcement about drilling, baby, drilling for oil off these specific sections of America's Coastlines? Ha ha, well yes, there is. States that voted for John McCain get to enjoy oil spills and coastal devastation. Not that they're the kind of people who own swimwear or go to beaches or swim or whatever. But what about Virginia? It went Red for Bob McDonnell last November, and McDonnell loves him some oil drillin'! Enjoy that, Virginia!

Environmentalists are appalled, etc., and people with brains know a couple of additional platforms maybe potentially online in the next five or ten years is going to have almost no impact on America's fuel supply or reliance on foreign oil ... especially because environmental groups are going to sue the shit out of the Feds for the next twenty years to stop these new areas from being opened up for offshore exploration and drilling, and by then we will either be a) using other fuels or b) all dead & boiled from Al Gore's global meltdown. [New York Times]


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