OBAMA WINS ... Internet Website Comparison Test

'And this is that Rod Majors guy I told you about!' - WonketteThe big primaries are only 10-1/2 months away, huzzah! As we wait almost a whole year for anything to happen, are there other ways to compare and contrast the major candidates and find out WHO WILL WIN? Maybe we could closely examine their websites and traffic patterns!

Well, that would be a lot of boring work. Luckily, some other dude did it for us America. Mike Volpe of Small Business Hub figured out how many people are visiting the candidate websites 20 months before the actual election, and he found they were all crazy people. Also, Barry Hussein is getting the most traffic and is effectively using Google Ad Words and buying his smokes from an Indian Reservation Online Store, which has likely attracted the attention of Elliot Spitzer.

Other fun facts: Nobody visits the Republican candidate sites, because "Republican voters in general are less politically engaged and less likely to visit a candidates' website, but will still vote." They are also scared of virus robots getting in the house through the phone line, because of AOL. This is why it's best to unplug your Windows 98 computer and put it in the fridge at night. Especially the monitor.

Presidential Internet Marketing: Data Comparing Obama, Clinton, Edwards, Romney, Giuliani, McCain [Small Business Hub]


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