Obamas Doing Spanish Sex Dances In Argentina While World Burns, Oh Great


[contextly_sidebar id="iWminjzVKZUmqLGz5rp34tDSDb6N0tgM"]Where do Barry Bamzgasm The Dictator Obama and his wife Michelle The Vegetable Enforcer get off? First they larked about in Ted Cruz's homeland singing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" with Castro, and then they got on their Obamaplane to jet off to Argentina. Do they not even know how there was a terrorist attack in Brussels? Did they somehow miss the part of the Constitution that says when Muslins do terrorism to white people, you are supposed to sit there with a confused look on your face while you try to sound out the words in The Pet Goat for 10 minutes? It's called being "presidential," for Christ's fucking sake!

And even worse, while in Argentina, the Obamas performed the traditional sexxx dance of the Argentinian Latins, what is called the tango! How rude. AND SO CUTE, LET'S WATCH THE VIDEO:

Evan Hurst

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