Obama's Hair Is Weak On Defense (In Comparison)


  • Put on your PUMAs everybody, because Hillary Clinton is running for President! She made her official announcement over the weekend in the traditional style of a female, via her coiffure (which means "hairdo" in Arabic.) [Fox Nation]

  • Lindsay Graham loves partial-birth abortions so much, he legally forced them on all children, by voting for Elena Kagan. [Gateway Pundit]

  • Obama personally spent $50,000 of your tax money so that an illegal alien (Xenu) could feel less ashamed of his manhood in the locker room of his local YMCA. [Human Events]

  • John Stossel is very confused about immigration. If only he had some sort of mechanism for processing information and then coming to an informed conclusion. A brain, maybe?[Fox News]

  • Ironic hipsters Us Weekly decided to place an interview with Bristol and Levi in their “Healthy Lifestyle” section of their site, because there is nothing healthier than unprotected, underage babymaking. [Us]

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