Obama's New Tech Czar Will Probably Just Put Federal Gov't On Gmail

Obama's New Tech Czar Will Probably Just Put Federal Gov't On Gmail

Even though we live in pretty amazing times, what with the technology and magic and all, we generallyjust complain about it. And by "we," we mean "you," because your Wonkette is very cognizant of the fact that there's no way this particular operation could exist -- across four time zones, simultaneously, with no offices -- without the wizardry of Gmail and IMs and WordPress and, obviously, Blingee. So we fully support Barack Obama's choice as Chief Information Officer of America, this dude Vivek Kundra, who was the tech guru for Washington D.C. until just now!

Kundra's one of those "cloud computing" guys, which is dorky, of course, but it's also The Future, which is generally decided by dorks. (Would you rather have Sarah Palin deciding the future?) So the main & immediate thing Kundra did for D.C. was put all the District's email and spreadsheets and whatever on the free Google services. Really, why would you want to build some email system for D.C. when frickin' Google has not only already done it far better than you ever could, but they've done it specifically so you can use what they made?

So, the entire Federal Government will now be moved to Google. It's going to be hilarious when the CIA moves over to Gmail and your Wonkette immediately gets hundreds of those "So-and-so is now following you on Twitter" messages.

Also, Vivek Kundra is youngish and was born in India and grew up in Tanzania and his first language is Swahili (!) and he went to University of Maryland, so he is both the typical DC multicultural yuppie and a sign of the Great Change happening in America/the White House &c.

Here is the YouTube about Kundra using Google Apps, it is super-sexytime times a billion:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/-JZus5bvC3M&hl=en&fs=1 expand=1]

Inside the Head of Obama’s CIO [WSJ]


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