When will it be safe to love again?ABC News Senior National Correspondent Jake Tapper was on to Barack Obama's resurgent smoking habit months ago, but the Obama campaign covered for the ever-more-desperate candidate as he wove a web of deception that eventually ensnared the nation in cancer and betrayal. Way back in August Obama was wandering around the Capitol reeking of smoke, and what did Obama's people say when Concerned Jake asked about it?

They denied it. He'd quit months before, in February, they insisted. He chewed nicorette.

But I knew what I'd smelled and I asked his campaign to double-check and to ask him if he'd had a cigarette.

They reported back that he had told them he hadn't had a cigarette since he quit.

So not only is Obama a liar and a fraud, he is a seducer of Hopes who cons his employees into covering for him. Do not be surprised when President Barack Obama unleashes an army of cyborg moths on America, because this little chimneystack is not to be trusted when he says he has no such plans.

Obama is Smokin' [Political Punch]


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