Obama's Staff Of Clinton Hacks Is Insufficiently Change-y

Ha ha, remember back in that debate when Barack Obama was asked how he can represent change if his advisors are a bunch of Billary cronies, and Hillary laughed at him meanly, and he said, "I'm looking forward to you advising me too, Hillary"?He wasn't lying. He has decided to reconstruct the entire foul Clinton repository of hacks, brick by brick, until his presidency culminates in a hasty under-the-desk blow job from a fat chick. Many Obama supporters find this objectionable!

He promised to clean up Washington and usher in a new era of civility, and yet he hires as his Chief of Staff a crazed table-stabber who knows exactly one word of English, and that word is "fuck." This fellow, Rahm Emanuel, worked for Bill Clinton forever.

Ditto Larry Summers, a guy who may end up Secretary of the Treasury, again, having served in that post for Clinton before continuing on to a disastrous stint as the president of Harvard University. Summers, like Emanuel, is known for his incredibly poor social skills and general dickishness.

So what next? Will Hillary Clinton be heading up another failed attempt at healthcare reform?

Now comes the "to be fair" paragraph! To be fair, every administration needs some seasoned hands who know how to navigate Washington's supersecret labyrinths of power. Additionally, if you want somebody to run say YOUR ECONOMY, you might naturally look for somebody with experience in RUNNING ECONOMIES. The applicant pool is fairly limited. (This was, by the way, basically the argument that Dick Cheney used when he explained why he consulted with oil companies to hammer out energy legislation. They were the experts, after all!)

But on the other hand's other hand, it is fairly unbelievable that literally the only people in America qualified to run Obama's administration are the same people who already ran Clinton's. We will know we're in trouble when Obama hires Mark Penn as his Chief Demographer.

ANALYSIS-Obama's engine for change fueled by old-timers [Reuters]


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