Object of Everson's Termination-Worthy Affection Identified

Worth your high-profile job, political career and family over? Is it ever, really?When we first reported on the extramarital affair that was ending Mark Everson's short tenure at the helm of the Red Cross, we figured that he'd been boning some secretary here in Washington and the age difference or openness of it was so egregious that the Board decided they needed to find an executive with the good sense to keep his dick in his pants. It turns out that Everson's mistress was actually not inappropriately young or even in Washington - but having an affair with Paige Roberts is apparently never simple. At least we were right about the egregious openness part, anyway. The scandaliciousness continues after the jump.

Paige Roberts is the Executive Director of the Southeast Mississippi Chapter of the Red Cross (and a former television reporter). She, like Everson, is married with two children, so I'm sure they had lots to talk about after they finished bumping uglies other than the fact that her house was destroyed by Katrina (and that the Red Cross was destroying her marriage). Let's hope they also talked about what to do if she got knocked up, because two senior officials at the national Red Cross told the NY Times that she's carrying his child. Like, seriously? How open about your sex life at the office do you have to be for your underlings to know your mistress is preggers?

When called for comment by the local press, Robert's husband Gary (a judge) told the reporter, "You will have to ask her about it," which is maybe even harsher than if he'd confirmed or denied the whole story. Oh, and, well, her office also reported that Paige was in D.C. this week for a "previously scheduled conference." Riiight.

But, at this time of salacious gossip, it's also important to remember what Everson was hired to do - clean up after the Katrina scandals and get donors back in the Gulf States, like Mississippi (and Louisiana and Alabama, but who wants to bet now that Everson spent most of his time in Mississippi). So, now, the Red Cross has to go back and conduct a forensic audit to see how much money Everson inappropriately spent putting it to his mistress, which will almost certainly be great for donor confidence. Well, but, at least Paige gets to keep her job. I'm sure she'll have some luck attracting new donors.

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