Oddsmakers Still Banking on That Loser Hillary

gambling.jpgCrazy Vegas/European gamblerholics have been following the polls and Wonkette's trenchant commentary closely to set odds for our next president. Some dude from Bloomberg News has aggregated the bookies' thoughts, and he's got Hillary at 3 to 1. It's the first time Hillary's faced 3 to 1 since that wild first year of marriage with Bill.

Haha, John Edwards cheats on his wife:

Hillary Clinton: 3-1

Barack Obama: 7-2

John Edwards: 10-1

Rest of the Demrats: 40-1

Mitt Romney: 5-1

WALNUTS! McCain: 8-1

Rudy Giuliani: 10-1

Teh Huckbeez: 12-1

Fred Thompson: 20-1

Rest of the Republicans: 25-1

Albert R. Hunt of Bloomberg News also notes that if "Florida's former governor, Jeb Bush, had a different last name, these odds would be a lot shorter." Jesus, enough with that guy.

Early odds in U.S. presidential race [Bloomberg/IHT]


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