Of Course, If You're Actually Cornered by a Vice President, You Should Always Aim For the Eyes

Courtesy of the "ASID (ANIMAL SECRET INTELLIGENCE DIVISION)," New York gadfly Bucky Turco earns himself a Secret Service visit and, courtesy of the NSA, free monitoring of all his telephone calls for quality control.

Click to enlarge, and then hide from Skelechertoff!

Turco says:

ANIMAL will start distributing these posters/shooting targets both online and in NYC this week and urge people to throw tacks, darts, or any other sharp objects at it, anything to increase your chance of a bull's-eye.

The poster also doubles as an awareness campaign to support bill: S.304/H.R. 1688, the Sportsmanship in Hunting Act of 2005, to help crack down on the unfair and cruel practice of canned hunting.

When you print a bull's-eye on an elected official's face, it's always best to tie it to a good cause.

Animal New York


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