Of Wasted Fish and Regrets

It's been pointed out to us -- rightly -- that our calling attention the other day to the name of the author of the press release about "wasted fish" was inappropriate. This is correct. We were simply too amused by the idea boisterously drunken fish ("Who are you calling CHICKEN OF THE SEA, Harry? You want some? You want a piece of THIS?") and thus forgot to black out the name of the person who brought this delightful image to mind. (The reason we didn't finish reading the press release? WASTED FISH! Why go further? Too funny.) We also really should have included a link to the actual press release, which is not -- sadly -- about drunken fish, but about, uhm, some environmental issue that no doubt would depress us if we understood it. So, as it should it have been:

We apologize to the person whose name we shouldn't have mentioned. Good luck and thanks for all the wasted fish.

Wasted Fishery Resources [Oceana]


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