Is it fair to make fun of a really dumb thing President WordsBad tweeted, when we actually kind of know what he's trying to say, but he's just saying it inartfully, just like he says everything inartfully?


Of which the Moon is a part.

Everybody point and laugh at the president! He thinks the moon is part of Mars! And for some reason he is traveling on Air Force One right now, and he is MAD AT THAT DANG MOON.

Because really, isn't everything in space pretty much the same, something that needs to be conquered by the Trump Space Force that is definitely going to happen and all the relevant agencies and governing bodies are NOT EITHER ignoring?

Lots of the internet is laughing, but this is the only Twitter response we care about:

For the record, Trump wasn't taking a big golden shower all over the moon as recently as one month ago. He thought the moon was very legal and very cool back then.

As we said, Trump is referring to something he obviously does not understand, but we are guessing at some point an aide told him that a moon mission would be an important part of a Mars mission, and that fact somehow got squirrel-fucked around in his brain and became "OF WHICH THE MOON IS A PART."

As NASA explains, it involves a spaceship called the Gateway that would do moon stuff:

It all starts with delivery services to the lunar surface from U.S. companies for scientific instruments and technology demonstrations as well as a spaceship, called the Gateway, in orbit around the Moon that will support human missions to the surface with reusable lander elements for decades to come. The Gateway will, for the first time, give NASA and its partners access to more of the lunar surface than ever before, supporting both human and robotic missions. The agency's powerful Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft will be the backbone to build the Gateway and transport astronauts to and from Earth.

And that what they learn with the Gateway will help them do Mars stuff:

NASA also continues to work with companies to address the challenges of living in space, such as using existing resources, options for disposing of trash, and more. Missions to the Moon are about 1,000 times farther from Earth than missions to the International Space Station, requiring systems that can reliably operate far from home, support the needs of human life, and still be light enough to launch. These technologies will become increasingly more important for the 34 million mile trip to Mars.

Exploration of the Moon and Mars is intertwined. The Moon provides an opportunity to test new tools, instruments and equipment that could be used on Mars, including human habitats, life support systems, and technologies and practices that could help us build self-sustaining outposts away from Earth. Living on the Gateway for months at a time will also allow researchers to understand how the human body responds in a true deep space environment before committing to the years-long journey to Mars.

Space science! The president doesn't know any, but you can learn some if you click over and read it all!

So yeah, we are guessing an aide -- or maybe an astronaut at some photo op where they let Trump play dress-up in a space helmet or something -- tried to explain this to President FaceStupid in 20 words or less, and all Trump got out of it is "the moon is part of Mars," and he doesn't know what that means, but he doesn't know what anything means, so it's not like he's damaging his hard-earned reputation for knowing stuff or anything.

But please, make fun of Trump for tweeting that, because every second you spend mocking him is time well spent.

And now it is Friday and all the news has pretty much sucked this week, so let's just have an OPEN THREAD and be done with it. Goodbye!


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