Off-Roader Idiots Break Federal Law, Whine About Maybe Being Prosecuted


What happens when a law-and-order wingnut encounters a law he doesn't like? He breaks the law, while hollering about his "rights," and then freaks out when there is a consequence for breaking said law. This is the dumb melodrama happening in southern Utah right now, where the very beautiful and unique Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument was the backdrop for somefucktard OHV fatsos doing an illegal "protest ride" on their smoke-farting noisemakers through a wild river in a National Monument. And the BLM just let it happen, instead of shooting the miscreants, but everybody and their various pigmobiles got photographed by the feds, and now the U.S. Attorney has the stuff, and the off-road slobs are just losing their minds because oh noes, they are common criminals and they might get cited.

Egged on by local elected officials who proclaimed "We're mad as hell," more than 200 people rode motorcycles and off-road vehicles up and down the middle of the Paria River on Saturday, in flagrant violation of monument regulations.

Ever since the great Republican Ulysses S. Grant signed the law that made Yellowstone the first National Park, there have been greedy yokels who can't stand the idea that we might have nice things in this country. These OHV dopes are just the latest version of the hillbilly grifters who would sneak in to log a couple of trees from Yosemite or shoot a grizzly in Glacier for the hell of it.

Yosemite was saved from rednecks and sheep grazers by the great Republican Theodore Roosevelt, who sent the U.S. Army Calvary to shoot the scumbags and disperse the sheep. (This is why park rangers still wear that peaked Calvary/Ranger Smokey Bear hat!)

Anyway, boo hoo, these clowns illegally rode their little bulldozers for the specific purpose of breaking the law, and didn't even get shot or sent to socialist detention camps, but they might get prosecuted!

Kanab resident and protest organizer Shawna Cox said agents took pictures of the licence plates on the 300 or so all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles on the riverbed as well as the plates on vehicles parked near the old Paria town site.

"We felt like that was pretty low. We thought we were living in a communist country," she said. "We weren't [doing] anything dangerous. People should stand up for their rights."

Indeed. It is 100% communist to have law enforcement.

Death penalty for ALL of them. And melt down their slob-cycles to make gay-marriage double-headed dildo vibrators. We must stand strong against criminals! Otherwise, the liberals win.


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