Official NASA Mission Posters Exactly Like Real NASA Missions

Official NASA Mission Posters Exactly Like Real NASA Missions

What happens when you make a lousy low-budget movie with a story that goes nowhere and outdated special effects? You spend a whole lot of moneymarketing the crap. What happens if you have a vague understanding of this concept but you work for NASA, with its 1970s jalopy shuttles and its moment of glory forty years in the past? You make the marketing posters, but you don't really show them to anyone, because they're embarrassing, but you leave the pdf files on the NASA website anyway. Was the future supposed to be this lame?

Gizmodo dug up a whole bunch of these NASA motivational posters and boy are we feeling ashamed for everyone in America, again. Here's a big version of that first artwork:

But, is there an even better way to illustrate the shameful chasm between pretend sci-fi space missions and the humdrum Earth orbit and trash haulting of an actual space shuttle flight? Sure, we can dress up the astronauts as actual Star Trek characters:



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