Offshore Drilling Industry Website Just Reportin' the Facts

So you work for some oil-industry shill blog with chocolate-sucking amoral sleazebag has-been Newt Gingrich as the spokesbaby, and the 527's main program is "Drill Here, Drill Now," and whoops, a predictable thing happens when you line your nation's coastline with offshore rigs.

So, sure, just stick to the facts with your blog post. And Newt Gingrich can keep getting his million of dollars from the dirty-fuel energy sector, and America can once again stand tall, or at least crawl around on its hands and knees, covered in delicious spilled oil and dead wildlife. Oh yeah and do enjoy the name of Gingrich's slush fund: [American Solutions For Winning the Future via Wonkette pals The Bourbon Dynasty]


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