Oh Basil, You Were Too Good For This World
  • Traffic stops will continue unabated in the not-so-great state of Tennessee, as Basil Marceaux incomprehensibly goes down in defeat in his race for the GOP gubernatorial nomination! The only consolation is that secessionist Zach Wamp and Lt. Gov. Ron "Islam is a cult" Ramsey lost as well. The winner was Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam, who is described as a "centrist" but this is Tennessee so honestly he is probably also awful. In exciting House primaries, one of Sarah Palin's candidates lost, as did one of the Club for Growth's candidates, and the Jewish guy backed by the Congressional Black Caucus beat the black guy in Memphis. [AOL]
  • The Pentagon has decided to deploy its ultimate weapon against WikiLeaks: asking politely for them to stop leaking things. [NYT]
  • Christina Romer, one of the main crafters of the original stimulus bill, is quitting and going back to Berkeley, because her kid is starting high school and also politics is annoying to her. [WP]
  • GM wants the government to sell its entire stake in the company at the upcoming IPO, but Tim Geithner's careful investment strategy won't be changed just because some car company says so. [NYT]

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