Oh Boy, Laura Loomer Is Running For Congress

Oh Boy, Laura Loomer Is Running For Congress

In what we are pretty sure is just a sad, desperate attempt to get back on Twitter, noted hatemonger, conspiracy theorist and attention-o-phile Laura Loomer has filed with the FEC to run for a Congressional seat in a race that she cannot possibly win, in Florida's very blue 21st Congressional District district, against Democratic incumbent Rep. Lois Frankel.

Laura Loomer, in case you for some reason need a refresher at this point, is a far-right lunatic who has been kicked off of Twitter for saying horrible things about Muslim people. She likes to pretend she is a "citizen journalist," but spends most of her time holding poorly attended protests to get herself back on Twitter (sometimes at Nancy Pelosi's house!) and trying to aggressively confront politicians with a camera and pointless questions, a practice she calls "Loomering" people. In addition to being banned from every relevant social media site there is, Loomer is also banned from using Uber and Lyft. Why? Simply because she whined on Twitter that there was not a rideshare option for weird bigots who didn't want to ride with Muslim drivers.

To mark the occasion, Loomer has sent out the world's saddest press release, in which she whines that Rep. Frankel is a Democrat who likes Nancy Pelosi and has not "denounced" Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, as if any of that is a thing for anyone except for ridiculous far-right wackjobs. She also claims that she, internet celeb that she is, will totally win the millennial vote from hep millennials who would leave the Democratic Party because of how scared they are of communism and socialism.

She definitely has her finger on the pulse of the youth market.

Alas, rather than being hailed by all as the hero Palm Beach County needs, even other Republicans in the area were feeling a little meh about her candidacy.

Via Miami Herald:

Loomer's announcement received a lukewarm welcome by Palm Beach Republicans, many of whom see the race for District 21 as already saturated with more qualified candidates. Mitchell Schwartz, the campaign manager for Republican candidate Christian Acosta, said he hoped Loomer was entering the fray "for the right reasons."

Running for the right reasons? Of course she is! She is running entirely on a pro-Laura Loomer platform, which is really what "the people" want. As she explains in her press release, one of her major priorities will be getting herself and other professional bigots back on Twitter — which is surely a very important issue for the people of Palm Beach County. How many people in Florida have been personally affected by how little attention Laura Loomer has secured for herself in the last year? Too many to name, we'd bet!

[Miami Herald]

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