Oh, Chris Lee Was Also Messing Around In the Craigslist Transsexual Section


When Republican Congressman Chris Leeresigned a few weeks ago mere hours after Gawker published what appeared to be e-mails and a photo he sent to a lady on Craigslist about wanting to have an affair, it surprised people. People such as us. If a married diaperman such as David Vitter can survive and even be re-elected to the U.S. Senate after having weird relations with prostitutes, why should Chris Lee resign if all he did was ask a regular, not-prostitute lady on the Internet if she wanted to have an affair? Because he also asked the same thing in the "m4t" section. Yes, some odd e-mails forwarded to Gawker, Chris Lee may have also been offering himself to transexual women.

Revealingly, the headline and ad itself contain many elements from Lee's first known Craigslist flirtation, including the words "fit" and "classy." It dates to the same evening Lee exchanged emails with the woman we told you about two weeks ago. And it even featured Lee's infamous shirtless Blackberry picture, albeit cropped to hide Lee's face. Yes, that's right: a member of Congress posted a personal ad seeking transsexuals and crossdressers and even included a picture of himself, all without thinking twice, apparently.

Is there any other kind of member of Congress? No.

Fiona said she found out who Lee was much the same way the other Craigslist correspondent did. "I copied and pasted his email into Facebook, and that's when his picture of him and his wife and his little boy showed up. Then I clicked on the link and realized he was a politician from New York, and I was like OMG."

Sounds like these ladies have the journalism skills to bring their extra equipment to Wonkette.

Unfortunately, Gawker's story seems a little undermined by the fact that "both" apparent transsexual sources disappeared when Gawker looked into the matter more, including one who provided Gawker a photo of Lee she censored until Gawker gave her some of that scoop money the give people. But politicians having affairs with transsexuals they found on the Internet is always fun, so let's just mark this one down in the fact column. [Gawker]


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