Oh Good For Them: 'Obama and Boehner Relationship Brightens'

Oh Good For Them: 'Obama and Boehner Relationship Brightens'

Great news, America! We may be ruined as a nation, and the alleged Democrat elected by a big majority back in 2008 may have done nothing but "make concessions" to the Republicans and Teabaggers and Tax-Dodging Corporations and Wall Street and the Banks and the Pentagon and the Health Care Industry since the day he took office back in January of 2009, but weeping boozebag John Boehner maybe likes Barack Obama a little more today! Don't you feel better? Also, if you like to physically abuse your spouse or kids or whatever, here's a good lesson for them: In time, if they're beaten enough, they may begin to enjoy it to the point that a Washington news story will explain how the relationship has brightened!

We don't personally blame the Reuters reporter responsible for this awful inside-baseball "and they were all pals at the end" D.C. report, but we do blame the entire American News Industry for making this kind of thing the standard:

Analysis: Obama and Boehner relationship brightens with deal

(Reuters) - The spending cut pact that stopped a government shutdown may not make Barack Obama and John Boehner friends, but their relationship improved in ways that could help them mold compromises in battles to come.

Because that's what really matters, as more desperately needed programs in America are intentionally destroyed by millionaires in the midst of the most prolonged financial disaster since the 1930s' Great Depression. Everybody cool with each other on Capitol Hill and in the White House? Good! Don't want to upset industry or anything, heh heh. [Reuters]


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