Oh Great, Now Obama Wants Poor Kids To Read Books, Will This White House Ever Stop?

Look what the Tyrant Obama is up to now! He's got some half-cocked idea that poor kids should be able to read books, FOR FREE, instead of paying their fair share. So he's announcing a program Thursday to give poor kids access to 10,000 e-books, which they can read on their Obamaphones, or other appropriate computers or tablets. The Obama administration seems to think it's somehow a good thing to encourage disadvantaged kids to become better readers and do well in school:

Working with publishers and libraries, the White House sees the modest plan as part of a strategy to address inner city problems by increasing educational opportunities for kids – woes brought into focus with recent riots in nearby Baltimore.

“If we’re serious about living up to what our country is about, then we have to consider what we can do to provide opportunities in every community, not just when they’re on the front page, but every day,” said Jeff Zients, Obama’s top economic adviser, in a briefing with reporters.

Zients cited research showing 80 percent of low-income children lag below their grade level in reading skills and lack books at home.

They've received $250 million in commitments from really huge publishing houses like Simon & Schuster and Penguin Random House, and they're even working to improve internet access in schools and libraries in disadvantaged communities. God, it's like they actually care about these kids or something.

We're on to you, Obama! We know this is just your way of indoctrinating the children by forcing them to read gay e-books like Heather Has Two Mommies and King And King, so that they'll abandon the Lord and turn to a life of gay crime. Let us guess -- the Left Behind series is strictly banned, right? PERSECUTION!

It's bad enough that Michelle Obama tries to make little girls learn things, and that she forces fifty pounds of kale down every American child's gullet every single night. Now her husband, the "president," has to get in on the act too. Hrmph.

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Just kidding, this really is a Nice Time, we think it's good for kids to learn to read good and do other stuff good too. Enjoy reading, kiddos!

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