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[contextly_sidebar id="QJ3Y5N0HHLgZqY9AbhMjLo9x7CVZgeTK"]Sarah Palin, for all that we don't like her (because she is bad, and she should feel bad), had herself a DAY on Tuesday. First news broke that her eldest son, Track, had been arrested for domestic violencing his girlfriend. Then she seemed to chase down a handful of Bennies with a bottle of Peggy Noonan's preferred brand of gasoline before going on an increasingly terrifying rampage on behalf of Donald the Trump.

I felt actual pity for her, for a while.

But nowhere during that terrible Tuesday does she seem to have gotten her very fit buttocks onto a plane back to Anchorage, despite the fact that while punching his girlfriend in the eye and kicking her in the knee, Track had held a gun to his head and threatened to shoot:

Hey, if Barack Obama can't be bothered to go to Alaska to check on Track Palin, no reason Sarah should.

Sarah Palin surely does not want my parenting advice, but she does need it. Anyone's kids can turn out nutsy -- although Palin does seem to have raised herself a cuckoo's nest quorum. (Willow and Piper, RUN AND BE FREEEEEEEEE!!!) Anyone's kids can be jerks. (Ibid.) And there is much to be said for letting one's adult children sort their messes out themselves lest they still be slumped on the couch watching your Netflix when they're a hundred and thirty one years old.

But "sort their messes" doesn't apply when one of your children is waving a gun at his own head and promising to pull the trigger. That is when a Mama Grizzly might get on that seven-hour airplane ride even if she isn't actively in labor.

[contextly_sidebar id="mg1PINvmQnRpbdW4vgH6UpkNWEHXve9X"]Perhaps Sarah Palin did fly to Anchorage to hold and love her son, while she was skipping a second Trump Iowa event Wednesday. Perhaps she did that and then flew back down to Tulsa Wednesday, when she blamed Barack Obama for how he raised her son.

Perhaps a publicity tour for Donald Trump is a thing that Palin could quit in the middle of without getting a ration of shit.

And if Barack Obama did give Track Palin PTSD, like mama Palin said, perhaps leaving him home alone with guns in the house is an ineffective way of treating it.

Oh well, priorities.

[Police report via Gawker]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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