Oh Hey Obama's Doing A Q&A With Senate Democrats!

Everybody was so excited about President Obama doing a limey-style Q&A with Republicans that now he's doing it again, with Democrats! And it's at the Newseum, the most famous building in all of Washington. This momentuous event clearly calls for a liveblog, so let's have at it.

10:09 AM -- This is probably not going to yield the same masturbatory material for Keith Olbermann as last week's, but maybe he will yell at Max Baucus or something? Let's see!

10:12 AM -- "The extraordinarily constant rising costs of healthcare." Oh, but he talks purty.

10:14 AM -- The real question is whether he's reading off a teleprompter or off a simple sheet of paper.

10:15 AM -- Blah blah blah, talking all kinds of shit about Republicans. A review of all the terrible things the Republicans did, and how the last Democratic president left office with a surplus, etc. Who else is in this dungeon in the Newseum? Because it looks like way more than 49 senators.

10:21 AM -- "You don't get in this for the fame." Here he is reminding Senate Democrats not to be HUGE FUCKING PUSSIES, all the time, forever, just because they are getting angry backwards faxes from constituents who have stocked their underground bunkers with Cipro and gold bullion. "Remember how many of you jerks campaigned on healthcare? Time to sack up."

10:26 AM -- First question from Arlen Specter, "the Democratic Mike Pence." 1) Something libtardy about unions. 2) China is not living up to international trade treaties, etc. Why, it's as if Specter is facing a primary challenge from a leftward-leaning rival!

10:28 AM -- This HOTT HOTT Q&A is getting off to a lousy start with this boring trade question. Yes, China needs to buy our shit. But will they? Probably not! Oh well! NEXT QUESTION.

10:32 AM -- Michael Bennet, Colorado: Some blonde is staring at her BlackBerry in the background, and she looks absolutely flummoxed. The question is, how can Democrats restore their credibility, in the eyes of Michael Bennet's ten-year-old daughter?

10:34 AM -- The answer is, Republicans are gumming up the works. Also: transparency. And furthermore: the innumerable hearings on health care resulted not in a bunch of overhandled hamburger, but in a "refined and improved" product. A product that The American People did not trust, due to lack of transparency in the deliberations. Last point: Kill your television.

10:40 AM -- Blanche Lincoln. Ugh, this woman is terrible. She is the Democratic Marsha Blackburn, standing up and asking an interminable question about nothing, with a southern accent. Ugly scarf, too.

10:46 AM -- OK friends we have had enough about this. Keep commenting on this dullness, if you would like!


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